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Tarjetas de visita metálicas

Tarjetas de visita metálicas


Business Cards - Matte Lamination + Gold / Silver Foil


Raised foil postcards stand out with their silver or gold custom foil printing. Our wholesale foil printing produces a premium look popular for high-end postcards and certificates.

NEW: We have recently upgraded this product from 16pt to 18pt, keeping the same low price!


Are you ready to make a great first impression? Make a statement with our premium 16PT metallic business card!


Premium Feel - Our metallic foil cards hold a reassuring, physical quality that lets your customers know they’re in the right hands.


Raised Foil - Raised foil adds an additional layer of texture to your card. It allows for a designated area to be given more prominence, ensuring your card receives a great deal of interest and professionalism.


Reflective Foil - This specialty technique produces your artwork in your choice of gold or silver foil color, stamped onto the card for stunning results.


Paper Type

16pt or 18pt C2S Stock


Metallic Finish (Gold or Silver


Full color CMYK: 1 sided (4/0), or 2 sided (4/4)


Ranges from 250 to 25,000


3.5" x 2" (firm size)


Cut to size and box.

File Type

Print Ready PDF file

(If You Need To Convert Your File)




Click here if need a professional graphic designer to design a custom business card.


Important Instructions

For best results, we strongly recommend you ensure the following to avoid delays and/or unexpected print results.


  • Supply fonts larger than 8pt


  • Use sans serif fonts


  • Avoid having artwork underneath the foil areas (i.e. using a mask instead)


  • Avoid areas of heavy foil coverage with small/fine (non-foil) text or linework knocked out, as there is a tendency for these to fill in.


  • Leave at least a 5mm (approximately 0.20") foil-free area around the edges. Extending the metallic foil design to the edge of the card creates a high possibility of the foil peeling off.



You can download the PDF template below and follow the specifications inside


3.5" x 2"

3.5" x 2" rounded corners

2" x 3.5" rounded corners



  • Be sure to DELETE any hidden layers that are not intended to print (ie: setup guide layers or other hidden artwork layers) to ensure no risk of them appearing on the final print.


  • Files must be submitted with proper orientation to ensure proper back up.


  • It is best to try to avoid using borders in your design. If a border is too close to the trim, the trim may be slightly off-center.


  • Ensure that your PDF is high res and that all images are CMYK at 300 DPI.


  • All type must be outlined (not embedded).


  • No linked images.


  • If file contains a dieline, it must be a separate spot colour called Dieline and be on its own layer.


  • The dieline shape must be a single path stroked.


  • Please provide vector only artwork for type, logos, shapes and all other artwork. Only provide embedded raster artwork for actual 4/C images.


  • Black type should have the following values: C0, M0, Y0, K100.


  • The trim size of the Illustrator file must match the final trim size of the label. Use bleed settings in Illustrator of 0.0625 inches minimum each way.


  • If you select a White Ink option with your order, please supply a single file that includes CMYK (if necessary) and a spot colour called exactly White_Ink. Do not supply separate files for CMYK and White Ink. If you want white ink to print under a blue colour, you need to set either the blue shape or the White_Ink shape to overprint to achieve this. You may also want to set a White_Ink shape to knockout so nothing prints on top of it. Remember to set overprints on any Dieline.


  • File should be CMYK only (no RGB) with a Dieline and/or White_Ink spot colour depending on your order specifications.


  • If you select Black Only option on your order, the file you supply should be K only (not CMYK or RGB) with a Dieline and/or White_Ink spot colours depending on your order specifications.


( * file extension allowed: .pdf )

Color metalizado

Tarjetas de visita: laminado mate + lámina dorada / plateada


Las postales de lámina en relieve destacan por su impresión personalizada en lámina plateada o dorada. Nuestra impresión de láminas al por mayor produce un aspecto premium popular para tarjetas postales y certificados de alta gama.

NUEVO: Recientemente hemos actualizado este producto de 16 puntos a 18 puntos, ¡manteniendo el mismo precio bajo!


¿Estás listo para causar una gran primera impresión? ¡Haga una declaración con nuestra tarjeta de visita metálica premium 16PT!


Sensación Premium -  Nuestras tarjetas de lámina metálica tienen una calidad física tranquilizadora que les permite a sus clientes saber que están en las manos adecuadas.


Lámina elevada -  El papel de aluminio elevado agrega una capa adicional de textura a su tarjeta. Permite que un área designada tenga más prominencia, asegurando que su tarjeta reciba un gran interés y profesionalismo.


Lámina reflectante: esta técnica especializada produce su obra de arte en su elección de color dorado o plateado, estampada en la tarjeta para obtener resultados sorprendentes.



Haga clic aquí si necesita un diseñador gráfico profesional para diseñar una tarjeta de presentación personalizada.


El diseño gráfico es el proceso de comunicación visual y resolución de problemas utilizando una o más tipografías, fotografías e ilustraciones.


Los diseñadores gráficos crean y combinan símbolos, imágenes y texto para formar representaciones visuales de ideas y mensajes.


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